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Saratoga Hospital will be the preeminent provider of the highest quality healthcare for Saratoga region residents.


  • Saratoga Hospital continuously evaluates and monitors our quality against performance benchmarks from regional and national organizations.
  • Saratoga Hospital continuously cultivates a culture of quality whereby every employee is always focused on the delivery of high-quality care and encouraged to make suggestions when improvements are possible.


  • Saratoga Hospital places the highest priority on providing outstanding customer service to our patients, physicians, and visitors. Service excellence is part of the culture at Saratoga Hospital, and the organization is committed to constantly enhancing the patient experience.


  • Saratoga Hospital understands that people are our most valued resource and, as such, every employee, physician, and volunteer deserves respect.

  • Saratoga Hospital offers a caring and supportive environment for its employees and one that cultivates leadership development.


  • Saratoga Hospital remains ready to meet the needs of a growing Saratoga region, through expansion of existing services or the development of new services and sites when justified.


  • Saratoga Hospital maintains financial strength in order to provide resources for a growing Saratoga region.
  • Saratoga Hospital recognizes the important role that our community plays in philanthropic support. We nurture the partnership between Saratoga Hospital and the community to meet the growing healthcare needs of the Saratoga region.