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Resources are not an obstacle to excellence in healthcare.

We will..

  • Be a regional provider for certain service lines and, as an organization, will occupy a niche between traditional community hospitals and tertiary medical centers.
  • Be both a high-quality and high-service provider and will be known for our timely acquisition of cutting-edge technology.
  • Increase inpatient capacity to keep pace with our growing region. Eventually, all inpatient rooms will be private to help provide the privacy and dignity that all patients deserve.
  • Generate sufficient operating margin to allow it to meet community needs.
  • Develop, over time, the Saratoga Medical Park at Malta into an integrated healthcare campus to serve the growing needs of the Saratoga region.
  • Recruit and retain highly skilled physicians. We will build relationships with physicians and other providers to help ensure their long-term commitment to the Saratoga region.
  • Be recognized as a community leader. Employees will be encouraged to assume leadership roles in community-based organizations. The Hospital will partner with other worthy organizations whose goals are to improve the communities we serve.
  • Be known as an innovative organization-one that is always looking for a better way to provide a service or meet a community need.
  • Continue to expand outpatient services, choosing the most convenient locations possible. Our goal is for the majority of Saratoga residents to be within 10 minutes of a Saratoga Hospital-affiliated facility.