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Sam Calbone Addiction Medicine Patient Fund

Proceeds benefit our Addiction Medicine Patient Program.

Sam Calbone Addiction Medicine Patient Fund

Our Sam Calbone Addiction Medicine Patient Fund pays tribute to Angelo Calbone’s accomplishments as president and CEO of Saratoga Hospital; acknowledges the essential support of his wife, Kate; and memorializes their son Sam.

During his 16 years as CEO, Angelo led the transformation of Saratoga Hospital and healthcare in our region. Our hospital is stronger, our community is healthier, and we have access to exceptional medical care right here in Saratoga County. That’s an extraordinary gift to us and to future generations.

Angelo and Kate’s son Sam was kind, creative, passionate, and generous. He saw the potential in others and the world, had high hopes for both, and wanted to do his part.

Sam had great empathy for those who struggle with addiction. He also believed in the importance of building community and creating networks of support to remove obstacles to recovery.

Our Sam Calbone Addiction Medicine Patient Fund embodies those values. It honors Sam and expresses our gratitude to his parents for their enduring contributions.

The fund enables us to provide services that reflect Sam’s giving spirit and his desire to help those on the path to addiction recovery. Examples include:

  • Vouchers for transportation to treatment, social services, work, childcare.
  • Assistance with job-coaching, interviewing, purchasing work attire.
  • Help building healthy nutrition habits, such as vegetarianism and clean eating.
  • Housing support, especially for those who need to move from environments where addictive substances are present.
  • Music and other creative arts therapy.